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Welcome to our Shop by Check site. Here, you can purchase your dive courses, materials, supplies, and equipment by placing an order, receiving an invoice and sending your payment by regular mail. Compared to purchasing by credit card, it will take a bit longer for your order to be filled but you will receive a slight discount on materials, supplies and equipment. Of course there are a variety of benefits to making credit card purchases so if you wish to make your purchases using a credit card or PayPal account, click here.

To place your order, simply send us an e-mail at orders@mikegaylescuba.com and indicate the dive course(s), materials, supplies, and/or equipment you would like to purchase. Please include your name, phone number, and address. We will reply with your invoice and estimate of shipping/handling charges and request for order confirmation. Once your payment has been received and processed, your order will be shipped.

In addition to materials for our dive courses, we sell all PADI, EFR, Project AWARE, and Reef Check materials and supplies for recreational divers. We also offer a variety of professional-level materials and supplies.

We sell dive equipment from a variety of manufacturers. You can inquire by e-mail or visit us again to see if we’ve updated our equipment details on this site.

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