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Worldwide, coral reefs are in decline. In 2006 alone, approximately 16% of living coral cover throughout the world was lost. Some areas, like the U.S. Virgin Islands lost as much as 50%!!

As divers and snorkelers, we see these changes first-hand. Reef scientists need the help of trained volunteers to help document reef conditions. YOU can make a difference. Devoting some of your dive/snorkeling time to monitoring coral reef health brings many personal benefits and holds the promise of generating information that can be used to help coral reefs recover.

The Reef Check protocol is the most widely employed scientific method that is used to assess and monitor the health of coral reefs. Used in more than 90 countries and territories throughout the world, data generated by Reef Check monitoring teams provide critical information to researchers, coral reef managers, governments, and others. Among other things, these data are used to inform management and policy decisions.

Other than Reef Check Headquarters in California and Reef Check Hawi’i, currently, we are one of the two only authorized Reef Check EcoDiver training facilites in the continental United States.

Reef Check EcoDiver Program

The standard Reef Check protocol is fun and relatively easy to learn. There are 2 courses available in the Reef Check EcoDiver program.

    Discover Reef Check

            Discover Reef Check is a half-day experience designed to introduce people to the basic principles of coral reef monitoring using the Reef Check methodology.

    Reef Check EcoDiver

            Certification as a Reef Check EcoDiver involves academic and in-water training so that divers and snorkelers can conduct informal surveys or join a Reef Check monitoring team and assist with data collection for official survey projects. In this course, participants:

        Although complete Reef Check surveys include measurements at depths that typically can not be done by snorkelers, many measurements are conducted at fairly shallow depths and can be done by snorkelers and skin divers. Non-divers are welcome to enroll in this course.

        Reef Check surveys require very close proximity to delicate reef organisms and structures while engaged in a variety of tasks. As such, good buoyancy are essential. As part of the course proper dive and snorkeling techniques are reviewed.

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